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August 11, 2009


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Pam Browne

What a great idea, Gretchen! And, nice card, too!

Anne Pavlosky

Gretchen, what a fabulous Name for a class. Where do you get this ideas from? Way to go. Wish I could of met you at Convention!! I had my eye out for you. And congratulations on your award.

Diane Klieger

What a great way to introduce a card technique.

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

Love it! What a great idea! And congrats on earning the Heart of SU award. It's well deserved!


GENI"US! Thanks for sharing your idea.


First, let me congratulate you on your award! As someone who is fairly new to stamping, this is a WONDERFUL idea! It's great to see something made with just a handful of supplies and then how to add little bits to it to make it even more special. Love the cards and really like seeing them go from simple to super :)

Laura stamping n' scraping

This is a wonderful teaching tool. I am going to have to try this and show it at one of my workshops! Thanks for the idea.

Bridget Larsen

What a great idea, thanks for sharing

Martie Ballinger

What a great idea! My cards are pretty basic so I'll be spending some time studying these cards!

Joyce Spear

Awesome idea, Gretchen! I'll be sharing this blog feature of yours with my stamping "buds" who are visual learners.


Love the Steppin' it up!!!

What a great idea. I will have to case it!

Thanks so much for sharing. You make awesome cards!

Judy Elting

Love this new feature! I've used it at workshops to showcase a particular set or design. You've taken it to a new level. Thanks for another awesome design!

Darlene L

I love the progression and seeing how easily they are done but just adding a layer, an embellishment here or there and a little extra stamping. Great new feature--very creative idea.

jackie M. - Oregon

Thanks for the tutorial and as always, your inspiration. I, too, am a fairly new (inexperienced) stamper. How do you decide where to put the emphasis when you add embellishments and layers? Is it experience, or just an artistic eye? Hugs and blessings to you.

f lynn rush

card-morphing...cool! perhaps some folks, me included, could take a look back at some of the cards they created. as long as the "bones" are good, there is no reason why the old cards couldn't get a little bit of a make-over...or DO-over!


Fun post.

Donna O - Australia

WOW Gretchen, they look great. I love this idea. Displaying it at a workshop can keep cardmakers of all levels wanting more... Congrats on your award.

Marjorie Hall

I love this!! I tend to err on the side of over layering, so this is perfect for me to step back and simplify some of my designs, especially for classes when all those layers can get costly when multiplied by 10! Thanks for sharing, Gretchen!!

Windy Ellard

Thanks Gretchen. I like this idea. You do a great job with description, too. I look forward to seeing more. Thank you also for sharing about convention with us.

Michelle Stamps

thats a great idea you have there. cant wait to see others as well.


I really like this idea and I hope to see more posts along this line in the future. jmniffer

Melanie Schulenberg

Great idea.

Diane McKern

Great idea! Love the cards and appreciate you sharing them.

Mickey Roberts

Great idea! Can't wait for the next installment!

Cheryl Silver

Love this idea...thank you so much for sharing it. It is so interesting to see something "grow" like that and how simple extras can make such a difference! Also, congratulations on your much deserved award!

Tory B

What a cool idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I tend to do basic cards and it is really great to see what another layer or some sponging can do to kick it up a notch. I'm looking forward the next set.


LOve it! What a great idea!

Sharon Carr

I loved your ideas for stepping up the card. Very nice!

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