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February 27, 2010


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Andrea Thompson~

Wow!!! What an amazingly beautiful card. It's a piece of art.

Joanne Leddy

These are gorgeous! I can't wait to try it myself. What a wonderful card.

Selene Kempton

This would be awesome for making flowers for a flower girl or other set of flowers for a wedding that never die! Gorgeous work Gretchen!


Gretchen, This card is stunning. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

Lisa Young

I am speechless Gretchen. This card and the roses are jaw dropping gorgeous!

Julie Williams

Thank you Gretchen
Your card and roses are truly BEAUTIFUL in addition to your other work.


Thanks for sharing, Gretchen. Your work is always so beautiful! Question: How do you put this in an envelope?

Gretchen Barron

LOL -- I definitely would not put this card in an envelope. This is one to be hand-delivered or packed carefully inside a box with a gift! HTH -- blessings, Gretchen

Kerin Sylvester

This is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness I "need" to try those flowers at once!! Thanks so much for sharing :)


Oh, my goodness...this is absolutely beautiful!

Gretchen Barron -- Inspiration in Action


Wow, Gretchen, that is a BEAUTIFUL card! Thanks for sharing.


wow - gorgeous

Juliette Chapman

Gretchen this card is divine. I love the roses, and although we don't have the correct punch here down under I am keen to give them a go.

Wendie aka Tankergypsie

Absolutely beautiful. Your talent never ceases to amaze me!

Linda Callahan

I can't even believe what I am seeing! Wow - amazing and beautiful! I am going to check out how you did this but I don't know if I ever could - wow - did I say that already?

Lisa H.

one word: STUNNING!!!

Marlene Diefendorf

Wow Gretchen, your card is georgeous but the roses are beyond belief gorgeous. I love to visit your blog for inspiration and I've got to try this. I wasn't too keen on this punch but the more I see how it can be used the more I want it. Thanks for all you do to keep us inspired.

Elaine Moore

These are the most incredible roses!! The coloring is so beautiful! Takes my breath away!

Karen Bernoe

Once again I must comment on your samples. Wonderful link to making these flowers. You colour choices are wonderful and fit so well with vintage style, one that is so in these days. I am going to try this tomorrow. Thanks for your email by the way. It's so awesome that one can connect with like minded crafters and not even know them. But it feels like do. I love that. For that I appreciate our craft.


Beautiful roses, colors, & card!!!

Sherry Weldy

Oh, my stars! I LOVE this color combo! Just beautiful! I can't wait to try the roses! Thanks for all of your wonderful inspirations, Gretchen! And you're a doll for giving the cardstock dimensions!

Cathy Warhank

Wow! Does that card ever take my breath away!! It is stunning! I love the colors and the use of the bridal specialty paper - it all comes together in incredible fashion. Thanks for the inspiration, as always, Gretchen.

Carrie Klein

Impressive, just when I think what else you can come up with, you amaze me, LOVE it. beautiful card. Thanks for sharing.


WOW! What a Stunning card; just down right gorgeous. A Beautiful way to start my morning. Just love the roses. These would be pretty on gift packages.
Thank you for directing us on how to make them. I Will have to give it a whirl sometime. Have saved the site. Thank you

Beverly Gotthardt

For your first try at these, they are gorgeous. Yellow roses have a special smell,conjures many happy memories with my Grandmother.



What a beautiful card. Thanks so much for sharing.

Jane Trafton-WInch

As always -- beautiful!


Your card is just beautiful! The roses are lovely and the sponged background on that paper is a great way to use it in a different way. TFS! =)

Heather Dean

Your card is absolutely gorgeous. I copied it exactly as is (well, almost exactly ... had to substitute one pretty in pink rose for a yellow one). I loved the regal rose and apricot appeal combo. Thanks for sharing, Gretchen. My mom will be thrilled with this card...if I can part with it :)

Michelle VanWiggeren

This is gorgeous, Gretchen! Love the colors and the roses!!!


This is just stunning. Can't wait to make one!!!


WOW! Absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for showing how to make those flowers. WOW!

Jayne S.

Gorgeous! I can't wait to try making some roses of my own. Thanks for sharing and for directing us to Julie's website. Love it!

Germana Ferrao-Lenn

Love your card Gretchen, will have to give this one a try, did you use pigment inks or the classic inks for the back ground, love that it is so sweet!! TFS, Hugs always! G

Cindy Kemna

Unbelievably beautiful card - LOVE the colors!


This is just out of this world beautiful! WOW!!!

Robin Merriman

Well, Gretchen, after seeing all the comments you got, I hardly need to tell you how totally gorgeous this card is! It is just jaw-droppingly beautiful and I love, love everything about it! Fabulous job my dear!

Whitney Richardson

This is absolutley gorgeous! I have found my Mother's Day card for my own Mother! Gretchen you have an amazing talent and thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into your blog. I appreciate your inspiration so much. You may not realize what a big inspiration you are in my business but you are! Whenever I am creatively blocked I know your blog is one I can come to for inspiration and strong technique.

Thanks again! Happy Crafting! Spring is in the air here in Daytona Beach its Spring break!!

Blessings to you!

Jini Merck

how beautiful! I love the colors. Thanks for all you wonderful ideas!

Karen H

What a beautiful card!!

Carrie (ajoyfullife)

What a beautiful card! Love it and my stamp club girls will too. Thanks for sharing!! I always love your work and follow your blog religiously. Thanks for always providing such wonderful ideas.

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