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April 24, 2010


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You are so smart! What a great idea! TFS

Sage Kimble

What a great idea, Gretchen. I have gone through stamp sets and stamped the sentiments on a page in my notebook, but this looks much handier. I will try it myself.

Terry Molineux

OMGosh!!! What an awesome idea. You should send this in to SU bet you would win!!!! I am going to do this tomorrow as it's midnight here in NY and my eyes are closing....Thank you so much for sharing!

Lisa Bryan

Now that is one smart idea.


I did something similar to that recently. I stamped all my sentiments in a little notebook. I used my tab punch to make tabs for Happy Birthday, Thank You, Love, etc. Now it is so much easier to find different sentiments instead of always using the same one!!

Terri Stewart


Laura W.

No really, you are brilliant. I have so many doo-dads on rings, binders, all over, and I've never thought of something like this. LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Miller

I'm always looking for a particular stamp and spend too long looking.
Great idea!


FABULOUS idea :)


Pure genious!

Janet Smith

Amazing! Such a simple solution to such a monumental problem! Thanks for the idea!


Thank you so much for this wonderful idea!
Greetings from Germany

jo ann

loving this idea for its cuteness alone, never mind having just the right words and knowing just where to find them!!! and organizing is a good thing to do as we wait most impatiently for june 1 and PREORDER!!!
thanks for sharing and ...
jo ann.


Thank you so much for the brilliant idea.

Stella B

I LOVE this idea!!! I know the first thing I want to do when school closes for the summer and I have plenty of "ME" time.

Kristen Spencer

WOW excellent idea!!Lots of work But......in the end I bet this would really pay off like using sets I don't even realize I have.....Hmmm its rainy here today perhaps I should get started!!

Vicky W

Brillant idea Gretchen. Thank you so much for sharing.....


This is a great idea! I think I will put mine in a Rolodex. TFS!

Nancy Williams

Just Brilliant.


fabulous idea!!!

Joycelynne Sims

You are so smart. What a fantastic idea.
Thank you for sharing with us. I love your site. I think you are fantastic with all your work.

Juliana Bibas

Brilliant! Now why didn't I think of that??

Janet Higerd

What a great idea! I am currently working on an inventory notebook of all my stamp sets so I can see what belongs in each set - now I may have to do something like this as well. The gals in my group would like it so they could see the size and shape of each sentiment if it would fit on a card or not. Thanks!


Sharon L

Love this idea. Another project to add to my list. I'll be so organized, I'll scare me!
Sharon L

Tania Brzovic

What an awesome idea! I love it!!!

Nancy C.

This is a great idea! I just spent so much time today looking for a sentiment and going through all my different stamp sets! This is definitely on my list of things to do!

Leslie Jones

I have wanted to do something like this forever! I started a stamp inventory, with every stamp in the set on one page, but realized it wasn't really doing what I wanted. I wanted the sentiments organized. Just like you have done! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Amanda Mertz

Great idea! Thanks for Sharing it!

Jeri Cyr

OMG! What a terrific idea. Do you mind if I share it with my customers?


What a great idea! I knew I loved your blog for a reason!

Andrea Jacobsen

That is awesome! I might have to try that. Thanks for sharing.

AnnMarie Bartlett-Pszybylski

Oh my goodness what a fantabulous idea! Thank you for sharing.
Stay well,

JoAnn Burnham

What a great idea. Thanks for sharing it.


What a brilliant idea! TFS!

Stacy H.

What a wonderful idea! I also think I'd like to stamp on WW and VV some frequently used sentiments and have them already punched out so that I could quickly adhere them to a card that I've already made without a sentiment. Thank you for the inspiration.


That is a super idea!!! Thanks a bunch!


Sue Anderson

Thanks, Gretchen, for sharing your wonderful idea! I have made a spreadsheet with the words from stamp sets, but am always behind in entering the information. This will be much better!

Sue Anderson

Mary Binder

Hi, Thanks for sharing another one of your great ideas!
Mary Binder

Kathy Mc

What an ingenious idea! So handy and nifty once all the work is done. Will put that on my "to do" list. Thanks for sharing this awesome tool!

Paula Tharp

Love this idea!! You are *fantabulous*!!!

Elaine Moore

What an incredible idea!!! This'll solve a problem I've wrestled with for ages! Thanks so much for sharing


Great idea!!!! thanks for sharing.


Fantastic Idea! Thank U

Tracey Clay

I am constantly searching for greetings as well!! Thanks for sharing this BRILLIANT idea!!


Great idea. You are absolutely correct...I end up using the same sentiments if i don't know all that I own.


Gretchen--as always you are such a wonderful source of info! This is a GREAT idea!!!
TFS, Nola

Nancy Lempinen

Fabulous idea, now just need to find the time to stamp 'em all! Thanks for sharing a great idea.


You are the diva of good ideas, Gretchen! All my friends and I are going to do this, too.

Kimberly S.

This is DEFINITELY one of the BEST ideas I've ever heard of!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us!! I'm also glad to know I'm not the ONLY who forgets where all the sentiments are! Lol


I never would have thought of that! I constantly am taking out all my sets (over 100) to search for a certain saying and make a total mess!! This is a great idea - thanks for sharing!!

Kellie Cavallaro

This is genious! What a great way to organize all of your sentiments. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful idea!

Jan B.

Great idea!! Thanks!

Linda PA

OUTSTANDING!!! What a GRRRREAT idea. I'm going to love this a lot. Thanks for sharing!

Jeanne Nielsen

Love this idea! This must have taken hours!! Thanks so much for the tip!!!!

D Sparks

Fantastic idea.


WOW! another ah-ha tidbit from you! thanks for sharing!!

Rene Stansell

Gretchen....what a fabulous idea, thank you very much!!!
Rene from OZ xo

Tammy Howell

Wonderful idea! Great way to quickly see what sentiments you have without dragging them all out.

Lola G.

This is so fabulous!!!! I've been thinking about this very issue, and spent way too much time yesterday going through sets to find a sentiment that would work for my project. I can't wait to get started on creating a set for myself. Thank you so much for sharing this piece of brilliance!


very cool awesome idea! i'm thinking i'll have to do this too... i can never remember what set has the right sentiment!

Ayana Posadas

Wow... How Creative!!!

Sandy Lewis

Fabulous idea! I'm doing this... thank you so very much!

Helen Phelps

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing it with us!


LOVE this. I am SO doing this today!

Wanda Williams

Gretchen, what a GREAT idea!!! As I am redoing my stamp room since my move, I'm going to incorporate this handy little idea in too!!! Thanks so much!!!!

mary jo

great ides...now to just do it!! Thanks for sharing. MJ


This is such a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing your very helpful tip :)

Sharon Fritz

I often thought I needed something like this. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm going to start mine this weekend.

Cammy Wall

This is a fantastic idea! TFS!

marciava harris

such a great idea...i will be working on this,this weekend!


Great idea! Thanks for share!


Another clever organizational idea...I love it and plan to implement it ASAP. Thanks for sharing!


WOW! I am just discovering this tip. You are brilliant. Thanks so much for sharing. BTW, Your work is very inspiring.

tiffany bauer

OMG!!! This is awesome Gretchen!! I will be featuring this idea on My Crafty Picks #22 with a link back to your blog on 6-26-11. If you wish to decline please email me at [email protected]

Take care


WOWZA!!!! With all of the demonstrators facing the same problem over and over again I am amazed it took this long for the genius to awaken but you HAVE!!!!! Thank you for sharing such an easy and practical way to find all those words we know we have. YOU ROCK GRETCHEN!!!!! Hugs and "blessings" ~Donna


So super smart! TFS!!!

Anne Marie

Wow, Gretchen! This is such a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful inspiration here on your blog. Hugs! :)


What a great idea! I too have stamped complete sets and sorted that way, althought that didn't really achieve what I wanted. I love the look of the rings, but will probably stamp mine onto cheap cardstock and divide in dvd cases. Thanks for sharing!

Celia Cawthon

I am SO glad Tiffany posted your idea on her Crafty Picks .... This is exactly my dilemma, and now solved. I think it would make a great Club project, too!

Kris McIntosh

Sensational idea. I will be doing this when the new catty comes out in Aus. Then I will know exactly what I have. Thanks for sharing.

Jeannie (blue)


A Facebook User

Love this idea, definitely going to be doing this. Thank you for sharing!

Pam Crandall

another DUH! moment...you are just so smart.

Karen Benham

I just found this on Pinterest. Brilliant! Thanks.


Awesome! Thank you for your idea.

Kathleen Mc

this is just so clever!!!! can't believe you came up with this gem of an idea over 2 yrs ago and i've only just seen it. found it pinned on pinterest!!!

i've flagged it up to all my pals over on the docrafts forum so i hope htey come over and pay you lots of compliments too!!!

added to a very long list of 'jobs to do' including cataloguing all my stamps and making laminate sheets for my cling mounted ones!!


oh my goodness ... just followed KathleenMc (above) over from do-crafts ... amazing idea ... thank you ... I do intend to take your advice thank you for sharing ... happy crafting and love sandy xx


Great idea I too found it on Pinterest


Oh my word! Great Idea! Found on Pinterest too.

Caroline Otto

Gretchen, could you tell us what punch you used? There is one all the sentiments can fit on? Thanks in advance!


Just found this on Pinterest and I think it's such a great idea. Thank you so much for sharing this and I will certainly be adding this to my list to do things. Love Lynn x

Donna Amos

I am like most everyone and have spent way too much time looking for the perfect sentiment and the size of the sentiment. Where did you find your rings?

Kristine Boydstun


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