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May 16, 2010


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Shelly Cameron

What a super duper idea...and a way to share your special day! You are a fantastic lady (and a super card maker too!)

carol walker

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this card and its colour scheme. I will get to work and send your birthday card soon. What a fantastic way to celebrate your day, only wish i thought of it myself. Thanks for the inspiration

Barbara D. Ramsey


What a wonderful idea! I can't wait to start my cards! This will be so much fun for you to receive all of the wonderful birthday cards and then they will go to our servicemen to send on to their loved ones! :>)

Wishing you a great week!

Barbara Diane


We had a chance to chat with each other awhile back, and we discovered that we have the same birthday! My card to you will be on its way this week!! I love your idea, and am happy to be a part of "From Our Hearts"! Blessings, MaryS your birthday buddy

Juliana Bibas

Great idea--I love From Our Hearts and am happy to support your efforts! Hope you get 200+ cards!! I'm sending a card to you tomorrow.

Best wishes, Juliana


Dear Gretchen,

May you be blessed with good friends, close family, 5-layer chocolate cake, and endless ink, paper and stamps!!! Whoohoo!


diane mcvey

I love the card you made! And I want to win that stamp set! So I'd better get busy and get a card to you, huh??!!
Thanks for a grand idea to celebrate your birthday!!! :D

Debbie Gasko

I love the card! Hope your Birthday wish comes true.... 200 cards. What a wonderful way to celebrate. My card will be on its way tomorrow morning. Happy Happy Birthday !!!!

Heather Dean

I'm in! Such a great idea. Hope you get lots and lots of cards and have a wonderful birthday!

Judy Jackson

I will do this -- and not only for a chance to win, but to help our military. I have sent cards before to the Close to Our Heart program. It is a very wonderful on-going project. My card will be mailed today.

Tia Hurt

Gretchen, what a wonderful way to share your birthday. My card is on it's way to you today. Have a great birthday!

Chantal B.

I'm so happy to participate in giving to the military and also sending you my wishes for your birthday! I'll be sending my card but I don't have any english wishes stamp set. I'll leave it blank. I would be pleased if you (Gretchen) could add a birthday wish (stamped) on the card I'll be sending. All of my stamp sets are in french, since I'm french canadian. Don't worry, on my seperate paper, my wishes to you will be written in english. :-)Hope my card is delivered on time for your birthday!


Stunning card! Great challenge!

Cindi Krauch

Can't wait to get to work on this. It's a great idea. My Cub Scout pack sent Christmas cards overseas to the military.


Of COURSE I'll enter. Card's in the mail!

Barb Nesplic

Gretchen, Happy Birthday to you on the 26th. TTFS your special day with us as well as your creativity.I will not qualify for the blog candy but to let you know to keep up the great job.


Happy, Happy Birthday! Your card is on the way. You are such an inspiration for all the wonderful things you do. Thanks for sharing yourself so generously with so many.

Michelle VanWiggeren

Such a wonderful idea!!! Happy birthday to you!!! Card will be on it's way shortly!

Leslie Knicl

Great idea! Do we need to send envelopes with our cards?

Donna O - Australia

Happy Birthday Gretchen!
I've already created 4 cards to send your way, but will be sending more so you can reach that magic 200 mark.
Hope your postman is strong, he'll need to start working out if he's going to deliver all these great greations from so many great ladies to you...

Darlene L

What a wonderful project to celebrate your birthday--your card is going out today, Tues May 18th.

Stephanie Perry

What a fun and generous way to celebrate your birthday, Gretchen! I will be sending a card within the week. When you say to put one's name and contact info on the back of the card, should that be an email address, as I will be sending that to you separately? I just wasn't sure if you meant for us to stamp or write that info on there.



Hi Grethchn; I love your blog and find it a great source for inspiration! I left you a little suprize over at my blog, please go check it out! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Laura Cross

I'm sending you a card,


Gretchen, Love your ideas and your big heart. Have a wonderful Birthday. Mailing my card today.
Marge ♥

Julie M.

I will send some. Should be fun and Happy Birthday!

Connie D

Hi, Gretchen!

What a thoughtful idea! I will be sending some cards your way. This is neat actually because our Scout troop will be doing something similar. We're doing All Occasion cards, though. This will be such a blessing, I'm sure!

Stephenie H

I'm a big fan of Stamping From Our Hearts in Illinois and our troops. I will send a card to you!


What an awesome idea! I just put my card in the mail :) Happy early birthday!


What a great idea to celebrate your birthday and sharing them with our troops. Very generous of you and I am happy to help with your generosity. I hope you enjoy receiving them as much as the troops will too. Have a blessful Birthday!!!! Cards coming your way.

Sarah O.

Being a military wife myself, I'm up for the fun! The card will be on its way to you in a day or two! And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

patti moffett

What an amazingly generous idea for your birthday. You are blessed to be a blessing and that blessing will come back to you 100 fold.
I'm a May birthday too. So happy birthday to us. Cards will be in the mail by week's end
patti moffett


Love your idea! My cards on the way, Happy Birthday!


Wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Love coming to your blog!

diane oliver

This card is stunning in its simplicity and color. AND... How generous you are. I can't wait to get a card in the mail

Bron Heslop

Gretchen, you rock! This is such a cool thing to do. I'm in the navy here in New Zealand, and this is something I'd love to start here. In the meantime, I'll support YOUR troops! I'm off to Sydney, Australia today, for SU! Convention, but when I get back I'll make a card and send it up to you. How lovely to share your birthday in such a unique way.


Happy Birthday Late. I hope you were treated as a Queen should be! I hope you didn't get your hands wet, no dirty dishes, and you got to do what you wanted for a day!
Your card is awesome! You Rock! kt


What a fabulous thing to do! Had to share it on my blog. Happy early BIRTHDAY!!

Sandra Grimes

Birthday Wishes are on their way!


Hi Happy Birthday. I am sending cards to you.

Thank you for reminding us to support Stamping From Our Hearts.
As a daughter of a Naval Aviator, I fondly recall how much it
meant to receive a card from Dad when he was deployed.

Kind regards,


Hi there... mailed cards to you today.

Kim Quade

I love this idea! My card was mailed today. Kim Q.

Lela aka Serenity_Stamper

My belly button bday was Wednesday. I received an abundance of love, and want to pay it forward. I have a very special card I made and was holding for "just the right time." And this is it. I will mail it out today. Blessings to you, and with much gratitude for all you do. Lela aka Serenity_Stamper (p.s. I already own the set, so I would send it to my sister if I won the blog candy).

Linda Williams

Happy Birthday! I put you a card in the mail. Thank you for the great inspirtation to send cards to the troops. Being a mother of a son that was in the Army, it means alot to be able to help out in any way we can. Thanks again and enjoy your cards.
Linda Williams


Happy Birthday to you Gretchen. What a fabulous idea to celebrate your birthday! My card is in the mail....

Tina Joergens

Happy Birthday, Gretchen! My card is in the mail today. Good luck on your goal-great idea!


Gretchen, this is a FABULOUS idea! I am a Kansas volunteer for From Our Hearts and I know the troops are really going to appreciate the end-product of your thoughtfulness. My cards are finished and will be on their way tomorrow. Have a wonderful birthday!

Martie Shea

I've upped the ante to 300 cards, Gretchen, did you see my blog post??? I'll add my card to the count... it will find its way to you, then back to the home office here...! We have received a letter today from a chaplain - he supports 4000+ troops... no wonder our boxes of cards empty so quickly. THANK YOU for all your support!!!

Karen Ross

Gretchen Happy B-day to you! A card from me will be in the mail Monday morning, I will also pass this on to my stamping frieds to see if we can get more cards to you for the troops! Thanks for having sharing your birthday with us! Karen staperkaren


happy birthday Gretchen!! i just sent my card in. i loved when i used to get cards so i caould mail back to my family while i was in iraq! i was there for a whole year in 2008 so i was always mailing cards out for birthdays that i couldnt be at
love the idea!!

Sheila Johnston

Happy Birthday Gretchen. You have given me the perfect excuse to clean out my inventory...and I am sending you 100 birthday cards; they go out tomorrow. Have a beautiful day. Sheila Johnston

Jen Mitchell

Happy Birthday Gretchen. I'm so happy to help you with this wonderful cause. I'm putting some cards in the mail for you tomorrow!

Mickey Roberts

Happy, Happy, Happy Gretchen! I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday! Look for a box with 23 cards. As the mother of an Active Duty member of the USN serving with NCIS, the wife of a retired Navy Hospital Corpsman who served with the Marines and SeaBees, and having served as a Dental Tech in the Navy I just had to support your birthday gift of giving.

Best Wishes!

Patti Beachy

Happy Birthday Gretchen! I am sending you 2 cards - one for you:) and one to give away. What a blessing you are!

Cathy from Maple Park, Illinois

What a wonderful idea!! Happy Birthday, Gretchen!! I'll send some cards to you also. Have a great day!!

Maria Reyes

Just a note to let you know that Monday May 31st is a Federal holiday in the US, and the postal service will not be providing service. I believe the last day in May to receive a postmark would be Saturday May 29th.


Gorgeous stuff as usual!

Sue Stevens

Happy, Happy Birthday to you!! Such a wonderful idea to share the cards with our military. I have already shipped some through cards for soldiers and think this is so worthwhile.
Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and I will be sending you a card. :)
Thanks for all your awesome ideas!

Kris Sobolik

Have a wonderful birthday and thanks for doing this - great idea :) I am sending a few cards your way.
Kris Sobolik


I follow your blog and LOVE your cards. So wonderfully creative. At Christmas I received a card from my cousin stationed in Iraq. I recognized the stamp sets right away from Stampin' Up. He was thrilled to have those cards to send to family and I received a beautiful card. What a great idea. I'm mailing some cards out to you tomorrow.

Kelley Roganowicz

Hi Gretchen. My card is going into the mail tomorrow. You are doing a GREAT thing! Enjoy the happiness you'll get from receiving all of the cards, and think of the happiness the next receiver will feel. So cool!
Kelley Roganowicz
Stillman Valley, IL

Sara Speser

Happy Birthday Gretchen! My card will be on its way tomorrow! What a great way for so many people to have great birthdays!

mary jo

You are a generous woman with more talents than meet the eye. I hadn't heard of this before but will definately be sending cards. I have a nephew in Afgahnistan and a son in bootcamp--comforting to know there are angels out there watching over them. THANKS> Mary Jo

Sonia (Sony)

Happy Birthday Gretchen!!!



Mary R.

Great way to remember the troops and to celeebrate your special day. Hope your birthday is wonderful! Happy Day! My card is going out tomorrow.

Laura Brown

Gretchen, Happy Birthday, and you've got mail!

Heather Dean

Hi Gretchen

This is such a wonderful idea. I decided I would go through the batch of cards I make and seem to never part with and send you all the ones I thought would be good for the troops (some aren't birthday cards, hope that is OK). I've got them all together and will mail them to you tomorrow so be on the lookout for a big envelope :) Hope you had a fantastic birthday!!

Love your blog and all your tutorials! You inspire me!!


Gretchen, this is a wonderful idea. I sent a card today. Sorry I didn't have a chance to make more.


Gretchen -

First, Happy Birthday! Second, as a military spouse, I want to say THANK YOU for supporting our troops in this wonderful way! I will be mailing a parcel full of cards for various occasions on the 1st. I am honored to do so! Thank you again, so much, for doing such a wonderful, selfless thing! I hope you surpass your goal.

Regina Van Lieu

I sent my card out today, what a great idea to share cards with the troops. I visit your blog quite often and love your tutorials. You are a very talented and creative stamper.

Martie Shea

Gretchen, my card is in the mail!!! Hugs to you for doing this on behalf of From Our Hearts...I can't WAIT to see all the cards that will be coming our way! Our last shipment depleted our supply. This will help, tremendously.

Paulette Still

Hi Gretchen and Happy Birthday! I linked to your blog from another one. I love this cause and I have made 5 cards postmarked 5-29-10. Thank you for inspiring cards for the Troops. ((hugs))

Mary Olson

I am busy stamping this weekend and will mail these on Tuesday June 1st - hope that is okay. Oops I saw that it had to be postmarked by June 1st - so I guess that it will be okay. Neat idea to send to the troops. How do I need to put my name on the card back? I am not a demonstrator - just someone who loves to make cards for others. I don't have a website - hope that is okay too.

Beth Schuster

I'm so glad you extended the deadline! I'll be mailing off 4 cards in the morning. Happy belated birthday! This is such a great idea.


What a wonderful idea! Although I didn't read about this until today, June 2 (I've been out of touch with the cyber world for over two weeks), I love what you are doing and hope you don't mind if I plagiarize it in the future.


What a great idea! I'm so sorry I just came here today and it's too late for sending my cards to you!
My husband is in the French Army and no such thing has ever been done here for our soldiers, so I would have loved to participate for other soldieres
Maybe next time !

And a very late Happy Birthday to you

Birthday Greetings

What a great and wonderful Idea. I follow your blog and your cards. Very creative. I too send greeting cards on your way. Very thankful to you.


Samantha L.

After reading your blog post, it made me think that our troops are serving us away from their families. It's time to commemorate their acts.

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