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July 24, 2010


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Michelle Krstyen

I love this project and would be interested in a kit. Thanks for the instructions though. Where do you get the test tubes with the corks? Michelle

Elaine Moore

This is soooo cute - would be interested in a kit - where in the world do you buy test tubes?????


Gretchen, I absolutely interested in getting a kit for making this darling project. Where did you get the tiny test tubes, and what size are they? Blessings, MaryS


This project is awesome. I would definitely be interested in a kit. Where did the test tubes come from? They're great!!!


Darling project! The colors are so vibrant and fun!! I would be interested in a kit too.

Kay Jantz

Love the project! Thank you for posting the instructions! I had hoped to see you, but 1 in 2700 woment was worse than a needle in a haystack. I have been a hobbyist going on 3 years as well, but saturday in the book a workshop class, Shannon pushed me off the cliff. I came home with 2 workshops booked in August! Wahoo and you have been one of my greatest encouragers on it is a simple business with the ability to be a great one!


Stephanie A

These are cute! I would be interested in a kit
(or 2!)


This is very cute. I would be interested in a kit, too.


I would be interested in a kit!

Mickey Roberts

Hi Gretchen!
I stopped by to see my upline, Catherine Harwood, who was kind enough to take my swaps to Convention for me. Imagine my surprise when she handed me a stack of swaps that included this project! I was so excited! I HAVE A GRETCHEN BARRON SWAP! OMG!! Thanks so very much for the swap. It's so cute. I can't wait to CASE it!

Whitney Richardson


I love this project! I used the test tubes in project a couple of yrs back when Martha Stewart sold the test tubes in a local hobby store. But ever since then myself and a couple of customers have been searching for these test tubes hi and low. We really wanted to use them in a Breast Cancer Crop for the goody bags we are doing this year. Can please email me or post where you got the tubes from. I would be ever so grateful we are running out of time, the crop is at the end of the month. I think this would make a great kit on the go!

Thanks in advance if you can share,
[email protected]

Olivia Studley

Love your project. I have also searched for the test tubes...could you share where you found them?
A thank you ahead of time.


Please let me know where to purchase the cute test tubes! Thanks,


Thanks for sharing the pattern. These are adorable!


Too cute! Love your work. Could you please let me know where you got your test tubes and the size? Marla


Hi Gretchen

What a fun project. Would you consider sharing privately where you get the test tubes?
thank you


love he project -- where do you get the test tubes?

marti finsterwalder

I love this idea and would love to make these for halloween for grandkids. Where do you get your test tubes?

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