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December 01, 2010


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Jan Hoyt

Thank you, Gretchen, for the WONDERFUL support you are lending to From Our Hearts! I would like to do a similar challenge on my blog and am wondering if you mind if I use the great Valentine graphic you shared today on your blog to lend some publicity to the card drive. If you prefer that I not use it, that is quite all right, I just figured it wouldn't hurt to inquire. Thanks! Jan (inkerzaway@aol.com)

p.s I think we met in the outside elevator at the Shiloh last year during convention....are you going to Leadership?

Judi Carpenter

Gretchen, I'll be sending a packet of 10 cards and envelopes tomorrow! I'll also include some postage help. What a wonderful mission this is and I feel privileged to be able to help.
Your upline, Judi Carpenter

mary michaud

Gretchen,. I have been contributing to this great organization for almost a year now. I am already working on Valentines cards. Things I did not know when I started: put cards and envelopes in a clear envelope when possible. UNSEALED, as they will include a paper with the name of their organization so everyone will know where these great cards are coming from. If you go to their website and go back far enough there is a sample you can print off for yourself and save them even more time. Include an inventory list if sending many cards at one time. Thanks for
your posting.

Mary Ellen Cope

Gretchen WOW What a wonderful mission you have undertaken I hold two events a yr to make cards for the troops But I will Make Ten Valentine cards and send them to Martie Along with a FULL box of cut and scored cardstock for Regina and then the cards for Marti Blessings to all Sincerely Mary Ellen Cope

Dori Saltow

Gretchen, I have been wanting to do this for awhile. I will be sending Twenty Valentine Cards with envelopes for the troops to Martie plus $$ for her cause. This is a wonderful cause that you both are doing. Thank you for posting.


Hi Gretchen,
Love the cards, you can count on me to help you reach 1000. I have several made and will make some more and send them direct, along with a donation for the office set up. Could you tell me what stamp you used on the cards (the floral one)?
What a great cause. I sponsor a soldier and I know how he likes the cards I sent him to pass out to his combat buddies.

Sarah Goke

Hi Gretchon,
I would LOVE to participate & help out; please count me in! I am a military spouse & my husband is currently deployed; I have sent several boxes to him alone full of all-occasion cards for him to pass out to his fellow soldiers. I want to say thank you for your support of our troops; you are truly a blessing!


I would love to help. I'll be sending 10 cards and also some $$$ to help with the postage.

Robbie Cox

Hi Gretchen,

I just mailed a BIG box of cards to Martie on Monday, but I'm not sure how may Valentines were in it since it was a mixed box that I had not inventoried so I will definitely send out another smaller box next week with Valentines.

Kelly Collins

Gretchen...I am sending out ten Valentine's today! What a wonderful thing to be involved in. Thanks for the opportunity!

Julia Redd

Hi Gretchen,
What a great thing. I will send out 10 Valentines with money for office setup and for postage. Is it possible that you could put on the instructions for the valentine card that you have posted with the envelope. I know how to make the envelope but I was interested in the heart with the frilly lace around it.
Thank you,
Julia Redd

MaryJo Marshall

Gretchen - what a wonderful organization...I plan to send some cards and a donation. I will get to work on these ASAP!!! Thank you for letting us know about this challenge! maryjo marshall - Ohio

Martie Shea

Cards are beginning to arrive! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Kathy Swanson

I will be sending cards soon, I posted on my local meetup group and hope to get some cards from the members. I am also making at least 20 to donate and offering class participants in the next week the opportunity to make Valentine cards at my classes to send to Martie. Thanks for the opportunity to help your cause!


Nancy lahr

Thank You Gretchen for supporting this great mission. I am on board and will be sending out my cards tomorrow. Nancy Lahr

patti moffett

Hey Gretchen
Thanks for the opportunity to bless others..May the Lord bless you for your thoughtfulness. My cards will be in the mail by week's end. I got started with Cards for Troops from your birthday request last May and so far have sent 3 boxes
Our stamping ladies (Jen Allen demo in NJ) are getting together in January for a card making event for the troops...all because of your birthday request. You have "passed it forward" and your love and generosity keeps multiplying
patti moffett

Jeannie Barron

Hi Gretchen, I love your blog and will work on sending out cards this week. Thanks, Jeannie

Kristine Chubb

You are wonderful to ignite us to the cause. I have 18 cards ready to mail tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration both in card design and world love.


I have 65 from me and 5 from my mom - they are going to the post office today!

Martie Shea

The cards are arriving! And we appreciate the contributions we are receiving for postage and for our move, too. May God Bless all of you!!!

Deb B (Debadoo)

Gretchen, I love this idea and will be getting some cards out, just not sure how many. I have very little in the way of Valentine stamps, but already case'd your vellum overlay using stipple rose. Now for a giggle. Hopefully Dawn Olchefske doesn't kill me, I posted on HER blog that I was sending our some cards to the troops, then realized it and had to post a correction. <> lol Thanks so much for doing this for our troops and for offering such a fabulous blog candy!

Sue Stevens

I will be sending the cards on Monday, Dec. 13. I love that organizations send these handmade cards to our soldiers. Thanks for spurring me on to help in this busy season.

Martie Shea

10 packages have arrived so far - and thanks so much for the cards - I can only say they are FABULOUS!!

Kathy Swanson

I will be sending 50 cards in the morning Monday Dec 13th. Bad weather kept my friends from joining me, but we will continue to support the cause in future dates.


Carolyn Mahoney

Hi Gretchen, Thank you for making all of your followers aware of this wonderful cause. I sent my 8 valentines today. Carolyn


My wonderful downline made up a few cards this week. I will mail them tomorrow.

Patti MacLeith

WONDERFUL! My son was deployed last year and I know how much he appreciated any mail from home!

Deb B (Debadoo)

Thanks for doing this for our troops Gretchen! I did get 5 sent out and the PO said they would be there by the Monday deadline. Hope they make it so I can be in your drawing. Will try to get some more out to them before the deadline that Martie has.

Arlene Donald

Merry Valentine's Day and Happy Christmas! I'm putting 302 Valentines in the mail tomorrow to FOH to meet your challenge!!


I am so sad I just got a chance to visit your blog...I would have love to have participated in this wonderful card challenge. I will definitely join the birthday challenge, which I hope you will host againg this coming year!!!

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