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March 04, 2011


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Totally fun card Gretchen. You must have a vision....because I never see the potential some of these stamp sets that you do wonders with. Love it! Great job!!!

Terry Schultz

Hmm Gretchen, just wondering if the kids are really passed out after a day of testing? jk, I read thru your blog really quick and figured it out the second time!
As usual, thanks for sharing your creativity =)

Gretchen Barron

ha,ha,ha -- we'll, I'm sure there some of that also! I went back and changed my gramatical errors. Guess that I was passed out the day we covered that when I went to school! Blessings, Gretchen

Deb B

What a great thing for the school to do, and how sweet of you and others to make sure that all the kids get a card. When some see this amazing card, they'll start hoping their parents don't send one in so they can get one of your beauties! Love the colors and design.


I love the idea of notes of encouragement before the standardized testing begins!! What a great pick-me-up for the kids to get off on the right foot! And, it always breaks my heart when I've volunteered at the book fair and there are always the kids that don't have any $ to buy something :( You are so thoughtful to take care of every child in her class! Btw, LOVE the card too :)

Julie Gearinger

Wow, Gretchen- what a great card! Love that you used this set to encourage the students taking the test! I am sure that they will be thrilled to receive this card. Thanks again for inspiring and encouraging all of us!

Mitzi Luttrull

What a bright cheery card! I love what your school does for your kids on testing day. I just might have to start a new tradition at my school.

Patti Chesky

I think the school's idea is fabulous! What a great way to boost their child's confidence!!!! This card is magnificent.

Pat Austin

I love this card. The colors are awesome. Thank you for all of the step by step instructions. Great job

Selene Kempton

That's an awesome reason to make cards. I'm sure it will be received with love by the child who is lucky enough to get a Gretchen original! :D Gorgeous work!

Cindy Beach

Your card is super cute and what a wonderful idea to bless the students with them. Thanks for sharing, Gretchen!


Love the simple card! Thanks for taking the time to make a difference in someone else's life! The kids that receive these cards will LOVE them.

Connie Babbert

I haven't had time to play with these gems yet...awesome card! The kids will love them!


What a pretty cards! The cards are simple and neat. And lovely colors too. Great artwork. This is really fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

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