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April 22, 2011


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Tory B

Gretchen, I'm sure your card is fabulous, too. I think you posted Lee Conrey's card this week. Thanks for a chance to win some sweet blog candy!


My guess is Tiffany Bauer! Love blog candy, thank you!


Thanks for the chance.


My guess is Lee Conrey's card, thanks for a chance on some candy! Mary

Jo Bailey

All these cards are wonderful. It's so hard to guess but how about Tiffany.


I really love the flower.
I think it is Lee's card

Angel hawks

I think Connie made this one. Beautiful!

Angel Hawks


I think this might be Connie's card. Thanks for the chance to win!


Ronda Delafield

Very hard to guess, but maybe Tiffany? Thanks for chance to win blog candy!


My first impulse was to guess Lee, but maybe the bow fooled me. . .? But it's lovely.


My guess is that Tiffany made this card. Thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy.

Ronda Delafield

Absolutley love that flower! Love all the imagination too! Now who made the card-Patti? Thank you for the chance to win great eye candy too!


My guess is Lee, it's a stunning card!

Judy meli

This is DEFinitely Lee Conrey's card!!!


But I think its............Selene

Elin K.

My guess is this is Tiffany Bauer's card. But in all fairness I'm usually fairly lousy at this game! :) I love this one. So pretty! I think yours is the Fun Flower Die card.


I love the card! My guess is Lee.

Kelly Wentling

I think this is Lee's card too! It sure is a beauty whoever created it!!


I am guessing Tiffany...but that is totally a guess! ( : Love all the cards!

Barbara V

I really think this is Lee's card. Love it!!

Sandy Glover

I guess Lee.

Sonia G

I've been struggling with this all day... I knew as soon as I saw 'your' picture that something was amiss... and then I read the post.

My initial reaction was that it was Lee Conroys card. Fingers crossed.


debbie essay

My guess is Patti for this card


Love the blog tours, I always get some good ideas. Thanks to all.


Wow, this is tough! Beautiful card and I'm guessing Lee.

Amy Garigan

I love this card - my guess is Lee.

Rachel B

I am going to guess Lee.

Diane O.

I think Patti made this card


I suspect that Lee made this beautiful card!

Lezlie S

Gretchen...this card is beautiful. I love the way the flower is dimensional. The colors are so warm. Also....the use of the fabric brad is nice.


Very cute card, I'm guessing Lee may have made this. Of course I now think I'm wrong on the last blog I guessed on, hmmm...

Mary Hines

I'm guessing that this is Lee's card.

Mary Hodgman

I think this might be Tiffany's card. It looks like a real flower.

Elizabeth M. Harris

Lee popped into my head right away! (Don't enter me for the blog candy, I just wanted to play!) :)



Lovely Card. Visually looks like real petals. Thanks for the blog candy opportunity.


This was hard, but I think this card is Tiffany's. Love the blog candy too!

Robbie Rubala

This is a beautiful card. I think Lee Conroy did this one.


Heidi McDonough

I think this one's is Selene's. I love it. Thanks for the inspiration.
Heidi McDonough

Evie Shambley

Thanks for the blog candy chance to win--I think this card belongs to Selene.

Linda Callahan

Oh I think it is Lee!

Cynthia Richards

Ok, first I want to say that all the cards for wonderful, but I have to say this one belongs to Lee, she tends to always to double loop bows and its a very clean looking card!

Seletta Henry

Can't go a day without visiting your Blog. Thanks for sharing and
love all the tips and ideas. Have a beautiful Easter.


I'm thinking this is Lee's card.


Patti-cute card

Nancy Horn

I am taking a stab at this and say it is Patti's card - I was having a hard time, it looks like Patti but it also looks like another . . .

Lori Mueller

My guess is that the card was created by Lee Conrey. Cute card!

Mitzi Luttrull

My guess for this card is Tiffany. Thanks for creating this game. It was fun visiting all the blogs.

Lisa Wiesman

Love this card as well. It is so hard to pick but I have to say Lee!


Sunning card--my guess is Lee


I think this is a Connie Babbert card.

Donna Thames

The card keeps saying Lee Conrey to me. It is beuatiful and I will be casing it since I love the daisy die flowers.

Kathy S.

I think it's Lee. Thanks for the chance!


This has got to be Lee Conrey. The ribbon looks just like it would be Lee's signature ribbon tieing...

Pat S

Oh la la, love your Tart & Tasty Card Kit candy. I want to win!!

Noreen A Sorensen

I think it's Lee's card

Lisa B.

I think this might be Lee's card.

Sue Stevens

I love the clean, simple lines of this one. It does look like Lee's, but I'm gonna guess Kerin on this one. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy!! Sue


im going with Selene as well!

Susan Carlson

I'm guessing Patty. I'm so confused now! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

Julie Pfile

I am thinking this one is created by Lee. Thank you for the chance to win!!


I going with Lee. Think she's trying to trick us with not quite so much white as usual;)

Susan B

My guess is Lee. It just looks like her style, but you guys are probably really trying to confuse us.

Gayle Cramer

This is so much fun, but so HARD to guess. Did you all know about the guessing game and try to confuse everyone? I'm guessing Patti because I think you all are "messing" with us! They are all wonderful.

Krista Rippee

Love your website/blog... I check it almost daily to see your projects! Love them! Krista Rippee in Phoenix, AZ


This card is gorgeous. I am guessing Connie.
But the bow looks like a Lee, but I will keep my 'guess as Connie.


I'm going to guess Lee! Very pretty!

Ann Fitton

Gorgeous card! I think this one is Lee's.

Joy Jones

My guess is Kerin............whoever made it.........definitely beautiful!

Wendy Hawkinson

I love this card. It's a beauty for sure! I think Lee made this one.

Connie Babbert

Gretchen...lovely card on your blog, even though you DIDN'T make it! What a fun week reading all the comments!


What a fun game. My guess is Tiffany.

Marisol Gutierrez

CRUD...I would so say YOU...now I might have to go with Lee and go my other answer to the card I choose for her to you...WOW! I am so caseing this one...
Marisol Gutierrez
atouchof_sol at yahoo dot com

Carri McMullen

I think Patty, but mostly I would like to be lucky enought to win so that I can case your test tube gifties.


I am guessing Tiffany


what a nice candy would be nice to win this
I look at your blog alot and you do beautiful cards
do not have much on stampin up stamp
be nice to get this thank you

veronica petracchi

i think this really cute card is Lee Conrey's card!!!

Sherry Cox

I think this belongs to Leen Conrey. It's beautiful.


I think that Lee made this card. Very pretty!


I think this card is Lee's.

Chastity Broeker

My guess is Tiffany. Great card whoever made it!

Connie smith

I'll have to guess Lee on this one.. the bow is so Lee type.. and it's very neat and clean like she does a lot.

Sue Root

I guess Patti. Thanks for the chance to win. Love what you're offering :)


I LOVE your blog!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

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