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July 11, 2011


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I knew you would create a gem with this lovely stamp.

Patti Corriere

Beautiful card. What a great idea using only part of the stamp. Looking forward to the other creation made with it. My mom taught me to crochet. Unfortunately I haven't picked up a crochet hook in years. I do have some doilies my grandmother made and I use them all the time.


I hope you read these. I don't follow many blogs. Yours is one of them. You are amazingly creative and make sure your posts look so professional. I just thought you'd like to know I love your creative genius. Thank you for sharing.

Pat Limberg

I just nominated you for the "Stinkin' Cute Blogger Award".
If you go to my blog you will see what to do next.http://patslittlecorneroftheworld.blogspot.com

Nancy CArr

Gretchen, your website is so inspiring and peaceful.
My almost 92 year old mother is losing her eyesight and
I try to send her a weekly card using lots of texture
so that she can see it with her hands. This is a beautiful
card and I know she will love receiving one like it. She crocheted as long as I can remember and I have many of her doilies throughout my home that I will always treasure. Thank you so much for sharing.

Nancy C

Maggi Minneman

Absolutely lovely. I crochet also and was wondering how I would use such a large stamp. Thanks for a stunning idea!


Well, that's simply a great pairing of words and image. It certainly evokes memories - great card!

Val W

At first glance, I thought you had used a portion of a real crocheted doily. This one looks quite real, using the embossing to give it that lofty texture. I enjoy seeing what you're doing with the new stamps. I like the Crumb Cake and Concord Crush color combination. The white of the doily gives a nice contrast on the deep purple of the Concord Crush. Thanks for sharing this pretty card with us.

Sandi Dailey

Gretchen, you never disappoint us!!! Absolutely beautiful. I just got my stamp today and can't wait to try it out. Your doily looks so real, like you cut off a piece and adhered it to the card.


Simply elegant and beautiful. It is awesome with that color combination. They should have used this card in the catalog and would sell millions of this stamp!! Great job!! txjennywren.blogspot.com


Gretchen - what a lovely card! I was on the fence for the doily background stamp until I saw this. I love your blog - I've never left a comment before but I've visited often - and will continue to do so - I promise to try and leave a bit of love in the future - otherwise how else will you know I've visited

Marge Waskiewicz

You are so clever to use part of the doily on this card. Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of it. This doily looks just like the ones I'm making for my grandchildren. Love the pineapple look. I also crocheted a bedspread for my oldest Granddaughter. I find it very relaxing, as well as stamping. My two favorite things....

Maria Carr

I love it! Gram, who passed away in January at 101 years old taught me to crochet when I was just 6 years old...what a legacy she left. I can't wait to try it!!


awesome card gretchen...I love it!!!!

Claire V

Wow! What a great card and thanks for the inspiration to emboss the doily!!

Judy DiScipio

Love, love, love what you did with the Hello Doily!!!! I can't wait to order it now. Thanks for such a wonderful idea!

Debbie Britland

Gretchon this is beautiful!!! I actually thought you had cut a piece from a crochet item. It looks so real!!! My grandmother crocheted too. I tried to learn but couldn't get the hang of it.
Thanks for sharing this. It's gorgeous!

Debbie B

Barbara Taylor

I learned to crochet at the feet of my mother. (over 65yrs ago) This Pineapple doily brings back many wonderful memories. The card is beautiful. Thank you.

Deb B (Debadoo)

Wow Gretchen, this is stunning! But dadgummit, I really didn't think I'd find anything I liked done with the small doily stamps and I was certain about this large one! But there you go making me want it. I've seen two things I like with the smaller ones now. Loved your story about your grandmother. My grandmother tatted, and I so wish I had some of the things she made. Lesson: Give things to people now that you want to have them. Don't assume they'll get them when you're gone.


This is a craft I have yet to learn, but I do have a variegated blue and white, pineapple pattern (which this stamp looks like) doily that my mom made for my grandmother years ago. I have to try and duplicate that look onto paper now! Love it With the Remember When sentiment.

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