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November 04, 2011


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What an absolutely fabulous card Gretchen!!! and you my dear are not along on the Waltons ~ I loved watching that show as well although I haven't seen any episodes in quite some time...but my younger sister loves to watch and still does! Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations with us! Good night John Boy....I mean...have a great weekend Gretchen :-)


My Mom and I watch the Waltons and Little House on the Prarie even though we have seen then originally and in reruns quite a few times per show..all for the same reasons you mentioned.

Linda Gilliam

I watch the Waltons everyday and tape them too, I watched
it when it was originally on in the 70's with my parents!
It's bitter sweet now, a's both my parents have passed
away, but I go back to a simpler time with the
Waltons, my Mom had red hair and loved little
Elizabeth as the would have been the same age!
Love your card, and the explanation of how you
were inspired!

Deb B - Debadoo

Beautiful card!! And no ma'am, you are not alone at all. I always loved the Waltons, and would some day like to get them all on dvd. I also loved Little House, Cosby show and even the Brady Bunch. So many parents don't teach their kids respect these days. I feel lack of respect for yourself, others and authority is at the bottom of the vast majority of this nation's ills these days. So I love shows where children are taught and made to respect others. That being said, I now have to admit my fav show of all time is often irreverent, but I love it and have all 11 seasons on dvd and the movie. And that's... MASH!! Anyhow, thanks so much for the trip down memory lane I love the card, and the story of it's inspiration!!


Pink and black as always been a favorite color combination for me. I always loved the Waltons too


I LOVE the Waltons!!!! We have a Skyangel TV capability and there are numerous channels that play the Waltons throughout the day and I try to have it on in the background while I'm working in our home office! After reading the comments, I think Debadoo and I must be sisters at heart because of her favorite shows (Big Smile)!!! THANK YOU for posting the card! Your work inspires me!

Sue O.

A great card, indeed,with a wonderful story of inspiration. . .in so many ways. Beautiful work, as always, Gretchen!

Carol Carriveau

I am also a Walton's fan...in fact got to watch two hours last Friday while I was off of work...will always love that show! How wonderful to dedicate your inspiration to Cora Beth - love it! Thanks for sharing this awesome card!

Patti Chesky

I only watched the Waltons occasionally. I was more of a Little House on the Prairie girl. Cora would be proud. This card is beautiful. I am a big fan of the black flocked dsp too, and the ribbon bloom is stunning!

Tiffany Bauer

This is so pretty Gretchen!!


Love the card Gretchen! Wondering if you could demonstrate making the ribbon bloom??? Please:)??? I'm not sure what basting is? Is that a sewing term? Love the Walton's too...sad we don't have any of those types of shows anymore...they were so heart warming.

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